Traditional ORGANIC Farming--- "THINK ORGANARKY!"

or phone us on our plantation 
(808) 328-2277

Our farm is located at:
84-5042A Mamalahoa Hwy
Captain Cook, Hawaii 96704

JUST south of the 105 mile marker on the "Mauka" side or mountain side of the highway.


OLD HAWAIIAN COFFEE is a ten acre farm using Traditional Organic farming methods. The coffee plantation and coffee mill are owned by Misha Sperka and the Sperka family.  We have been operating our farm for the past twenty six years.  Our plantation was originally known as the "Peaberry Farm" and we changed the name in 1991.  Coffee was originally planted on this farm as long ago as the 1830-1840 period.  We are located in SOUTH KONA about 25 miles South of Kailua-Kona, on the western slope of Mauna Loa, in Honaunau, Big Island of Hawaii.  

We have been farming using only  Traditional Organic Farming methods since 1992.  Our OLD HAWAIIAN farming and processing motto is "Think Organarky".  We grow our coffee using No chemical fertilizers, NO herbicides, and NO pesticides. NO GMO.   We are able to control the tropical weed and vine problem with a small herd of St Croix-Barbados short haired sheep.  Fortunately coffee is a hardy plant so we are able to let the trees grow as nature intended them to grow.  We apply no chlorinated water to the fields and use natural rain fall.  Days usually start off with a beautiful sunny morning but often in late morning we have a daily cloud cover and light rain.

This year-2016--we are having a beautiful amount of rain.  The coffee trees are definitely happy with the daily afternoon rains.    Mahalo Madam GAIA!  

We grow all of our own coffee and do the complete growing, processing and roasting on our farm. From the "tree" to the "post office". Check out our Coffee Tour page of this site.   We fit into the KONA COFFEE business in that we process coffee for about twenty farms. WE separate each farms coffee in all stages of processing.   Each farmer bringing coffee in for processing gets his or her own coffee back.  All coffee brought into our processing mill is handled in an organic manner with filtered chlorine free water, separate soaking bins for each batch. 

Coffee is roasted daily. 

Coffee mailed out each day for coffee orders is usually roasted the same morning it is sent out.  

If you are ever visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, you are always welcome to visit our farm. Please try to call        

(808) 328-2277 ) the day before a desired visit.  We are often in fields.