PAPEETE TAHITI 1872, Litho by Adolf Ekelof
If you go there today you can find this beach

RARE ANTIQUE MAPS OF HAWAII AND PACIFIC OCEAN FOR SALE-These are NOT modern reproductions but original antique prints from the stated period.

The most important map pertaining to Hawaii is the 1579 map of Abraham Ortelius where Hawaii is shown on the map as “Los Bolcanos”.   The title of this map is “INDIAE ORIENTALIS INSULARUMQVE ADIACIENTI VM TYPVS.  Theatrum Orbis Terrarum  (Theater of the World) first published  in 1570.  This  Plate number 84 is from the 1579 publication. It is thought that Captain Cook might have carried a copy of this map with him on his third Pacific voyage. I have seen two other copies of this map but they were not hand colored. It is possible that information for this map is partially based on the 1542 voyage of Ruy Lopez de Villalobos  who most likely passed through the Hawaiian Islands. This map was printed two hundred years prior to  the voyage of Captain Cook to Hawaii. Page size is  57.5 cm x 45.1 cm. Plate mark size is 50.1 cm x 35 cm. Map is believed to be hand colored from the period. Very fine condition, light foxing.  Price for this map is $18,800

The Third map-titled “Nuove Scopette DE RUSSI al Nord del Mare del Sud si nell’ ASIA, che nell’ AMERICA”  VENEZIA 1776, Presso Antonio Zatta, Con Privilegio dell Eccmo Senato”  This map was published in Antonio Zatta’s “Atlante Novissimo” which was a four volume atlas of the world. Zatta was perhaps the leading Italian-Venetian map-maker based in Venice. This map was printed  the year Captain Cook sailed from London, England on his third Pacific Voyage. This was the last European map showing the Pacific Ocean prior to the inclusion of  the Sandwich Islands. Page size for this map is 48.5-49 cm x 41.8 cm.  Plate mark size is 41.3 cm x 32 cm. Map is believed to be hand colored from the period. Very fine condition, light foxing. Price for this map is $4,500. 


The Second important map is the 1611 map titled “ASIAE NOVA Descriptio Auctore Jodoco Hondio” of the Pacific Ocean done by Jodoco  Hondio. Hondius update of the Mercator map. ‘This is based one the early map done by Mercator from the Mercator Atlas. This  map is derived from the 1569 map of Mercator’s map. Map includes the Southern landmasses of New Guinea and Terra Australis, the East Indian Islands and the Philippines.  Particularly notable is the delineation of Japan as a kite shaped island. The coasts of North West America are separated by the fabled Straits of Anian. Page size for this map is   54.3 cm x 45.3 cm. Plate mark size is 50.4 cm x 38.0 cm. Map is believed to be original hand coloring from the period. Very fine condition, light foxing. Price for this map is $6,400.



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