Traditional ORGANIC Farming--- "THINK ORGANARKY!"


GET YOUR COFFEE MONTHLY just by joining the Coffee Club!!  
We use traditional organic  farming methods because it is"RIGHT".  Also-- if I look at the normal chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides that most farmers use--I can not even pronounce the names of these chemicals.  If I can pronounce the names they sound so horrible that the only way to go is "THINK ORGANARKY" and do our growing in a natural and environmentally FRIENDLY way. NO GMO, no Chemicals, and NO Herbicides and absolutely NO Pesticides!! Living  with  GAIA ------------------------ WHAT A LOVELY LADY.

If you are on the Big Island of Hawaii come and visit us and we might even get you to pick a couple coffee beans.

The normal harvest season is between August to January and if you visit us then we can happily get you picking your own holy Kona Coffee beans. We even have extra picking baskets to help your picking. Or we might even be able to get you to help rake the coffee on the drying deck. WHAT a Neat experience and you can even put it on your resume.  

Erik  watching the sun go down at  Puuhonua o Honaunau



or phone us on our plantation 
(808) 328-2277
You can now pay through PAYPAL using our other email address of:

Our farm is located at:
84-5042A Mamalahoa Hwy

Captain Cook, Hawaii 96704JUST south of the 105 mile marker on the "Mauka" side or mountain side of the highway.
 It is still harvest season and you can come and pick some beans!

A little factoid. A ground coffee bean has a 60% flavor loss within three weeks of grinding that coffee bean so...only buy WHOLE coffee beans and grind them shortly before brewing your coffee. You will notice the flavor difference on the first brew. We roast our coffee the day it is sent so it is super fresh. If you like your coffee-DO DRINK onlyOl d Hawaiian Coffee. Naturally DA BEST!!! available only through OHC directly.    

Remember your visit to OHC and the jolly trip up our super road.  Visit our farm on your trip to Hawaii and when the winter snows are blowing-- think of the jungle road coming up to the farm and our tropical short haired sheep which are our weed eaters. Red coffee cherries ready to be picked and the peacefulness and warmth of Old Hawaiian Coffee. Our farm is a little island  of peacefulness in this "not so peaceful world".  The coffee beans growing on the trees definitely enjoy the tranquility of the OHC farm and those of us working with the beans. Just "US", "Nature", and the presence of GAIA.

Mahalo,  Misha Sperka and Erik Sperka

How to order coffee


Coffee is bagged in TEN ounce bags. One of the preferred ways to order of coffee is a THREE PACK or a SIX PACK of the 10 ounce, 280 grams of coffee. Coffee is normally sent out using the US Postal system using  AIR PRIORITY MAIL.

The best way really to get your coffee is to come to Hawaii, visit us, help pick the coffee, and get your coffee during your visit.  

To make an order contact us directly. Because of internet insecurity we ask you to either contact me--MISHA-- by email  using this HOT link or phone us at 1 (808) 328-2277 which is our family farm. OR  make your payment through PAYPAL using our other email address of (misha@boatsforsail.net)
GET YOUR ORDERS IN and CHARGE into  each day Old Hawaiian Coffee Powered!!!  

THREE PACK of our Estate coffee costs $64
FOUR PACK costs $88
FIVE PACK costs $104
SIX PACK costs $118,
EIGHT PACK costs $159  
TEN pack costs $192.
This price includes the Air Priority shipping. This price pertains only to coffee orders in the United States.  Foreign shipping is more expensive.

Coffee is roasted daily and sent out daily. Unless specifically requested we only send out whole coffee beans.
One little factoid here---When a freshly roasted coffee is ground there is a sixty percent (60%) flavor loss in the first three weeks after the grinding. So---For the best flavor-- grind your whole beans just before brewing your coffee.  

We do NOT have a secure site so we ask you to please contact Me-"da boss"- or the "head turkey"directly through the email at <misha@oldhawaiiancoffee.com> or you can phone us at 1 (808) 328-2277 in Hawaii  



ORDER YOUR COFFEE using our other email address of (misha@boatsforsail.net)

THE harvest season for 2016 is just starting.  

As our coffee is a TRUE OLD HAWAIIAN COFFEE estate coffee, the beans are only our own "home grown" and processed beans. We do NOT buy beans from other farmers. WE supply your coffee needs only with what we actually grow on this farm!!!!!


When you join our monthly coffee club, the First week of each month, we automatically send you "your" desired quantity of our freshly roasted coffee beans. Unless specifically requested we send out whole coffee beans. The prices listed here include AIR PRIORITY USPS shipping. The quantity sent out-3 pack, 4 pack, 5 pack, or 6 pack is sent out based on your requested monthly quantity. A three pack of the coffee costs $64, and the six pack of the coffee costs $118 and a 10 pack costs $192. Cost of international shipping is higher.

To JOIN the Monthly Coffee Club, please send us a threeseparate emails with your credit card information, the proper shipping information, and the quantity of coffee you wish shipped each month. Please do not send all the information in a single email--it is too easy to compromise your number. To change a request requires a simple email or phone call  to us. We have a hand written rolladex file for the coffee club.  

Coffee is USUALLY roasted daily and sent out the same day it is roasted.
MMMMMM....mmmm what a great Smell.

The coffee sold by Old Hawaiian Coffee is ONLY our own estate grown and processed coffee.