Traditional ORGANIC Farming--- "THINK ORGANARKY!"


World Famous  Coffee Expert THE one and only "Jose" playing with the coffee beans. 

BEAN FACTOID-- Each coffee bean will be handled approximately forty times by the time it leaves the BIG ISLAND of Hawaii. 
FACTOID numero dos-- In the processing of coffee, there is approximately an eighty-five percent weight loss from the picked weight of the coffee cherry to the final roasted coffee bean. SO from a hundred pounds of picked coffee cherry you wind up with approximately 13 to 15 pounds of roasted coffee Wow what a lot of work for little coffee!!

CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING PICTURES AND SEE THE BEAUTIFUL COFFEE FLOWERS THAT EVENTUALLY BECOME THE COFFEE BEAN.  COFFEE being a fruit in the "cherry form" needs a flower to start.  No flower no coffee!!!   If you get too much wind or rain the flowers can be knocked off the branch.

Coffee picking is in the daytime.  Late afternoon is pulping of the coffee picked that day.  So----there  are many late nights of pulping.

or phone us on our plantation 
(808) 328-2277

Our farm is located at:
84-5042A Mamalahoa Hwy
Captain Cook, Hawaii 96704

JUST south of the 105 mile marker on the "Mauka" side or mountain side of the highway.