Fortunately coffee is a hardy plant so we are able to let the trees grow as nature intended them to. Our coffee trees are "keiki" of those originally brought to Hawaii. They have been planted on our farm before GMO existed.  

We apply no chlorinated water to the fields but use the natural rainfall as nature brings us.  Fortunately we have the natural shade from the afternoon clouds as well as shade from the macadamia nut trees and the avocado trees which are throughout the fields.   We use double filtered -chlorine free water for all the coffee processing which is pulping, soaking, fermenting and washing of the coffee beans. We made our own electric hot air coffee roaster.  By using the electric hot air roaster system we put NO gas smelling agent contaminants on the beans. IF coffee is roasted in a gas roaster you put the Mercaptain -toxic smelling agent- on the beans but with an electric hot air roaster there are no toxins put on the beans during the roasting process. When bagging the coffee we use mylar bags and NOT plastic bags so NO BPA chemicals  leach from plastics into the coffee beans. JUST PURE DELICIOUS COFFEE!

Coffee is roasted daily and sent out daily. If you visit Hawaii you are always welcome to visit our farm and we might even get you to pick some coffee or rake the beans on the drying deck. THINK ORGANARKY and whenever you are buying food LEARN WHO YOUR FARMER.  By knowing your farmer you will have a healthier life in knowing more about what you buy, where your food comes from and how it is grown. GET TO KNOW YOUR LOCAL FARMER AND BUY YOUR FOODS AT THE LOCAL FARMERS MARKET OR DIRECTLY FROM THE FARM.     


The following organizations are GREAT WATCH DOGS that are trying to protect the consumer from the trickeries of the government.  For a better understanding of how the government is trying to sneak chemicals and GMO into the public you MUST visit these sites.  Their reports are excellent and your knowledge of what is REALLY going on will be SHOCKING. Become informed of the payoffs and scams of the big food and chemical companies especially Monsanto. Remember that in foods............................ 

                IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS-
          It is your body you are playing with



by Mischa Popoff This important book presents very clearly "The inside story of who destroyed the organic industry, turned it into a socialist movement and made millions $in the process." This book is a MUST read for anybody LEARNING about the truth of what "Organic" means. READ THIS BOOK!!!! and Learn the truth. 


"Promoting economic Justice for Family Scale Farming"

FRIENDS OF THE EARTH  --world wide organization 
"We champion a healthy and just world"

If you know of any other food watch groups that would have educational information to let the public know about the attempts of the government to push GMO and watered down foods on US-the public and grossly- legally deceptive labeled foods. Let me know and I will gladly put a hotlink on this site. This "THINK ORGANARKY" is a "HOT" email link

Our motto is "THINK ORGANARKY" Our farm was originally established in the 1830-1840 period in Honaunau, South Kona, Big Island of Hawaii. We have been certified Organic since 1992 and have maintained our certification until 2010 when the new regulations make us LESS organic through their Bull S..... We continue to use ONLY Traditional Organic Farming methods with NO herbicides, No pesticides, NO GMO crops, NO synthetic fertilizers. THINK ORGANARKY is our farm philosophy. We are located on the western slope of the Mauna Loa Big Island of Hawaii.  

We grow our coffee with NO chemical fertilizers, NO herbicides, NO pesticides. NO GMO CROPS ALLOWED HERE!!!!! When you just pronounce the names of the chemicals you know they are not to be used. We are able to control the tropical weed growth and vine growth with our small herd of St. Croix-Barbados sheep.  

WE  LOVE OUR SAILING   ON THE MIGHTY  "HIKAROA" and from November to March you can even see the beautiful humpback whales breaching, blowing and tail slapping IN HAWAII. 

Traditional ORGANIC Farming--- "THINK ORGANARKY!"